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hysteria's fanfics

Post by hysteria on Fri Aug 07, 2015 1:43 am

All of my fanfictions of friends will be posted here <3 If you want a pairing done, give me a message!

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Re: hysteria's fanfics

Post by hysteria on Fri Aug 07, 2015 3:01 am

Rated M for Mature..

Rain was pouring, thunder was rumbling and lightning was striking. Everything that the blue female could enjoy. She was one of those wolves that enjoyed most things that others didn't. But, also being one that with held powers of her mother, it also gave her a different kind of title.

Her mother held powers of poison, where as her father, dark. She took only the powers of poison and only had dark fire on her front paws to prove of her fathers position. At least the fire would never go out no matter how hard anyone tried.

Yawning slightly, she turned tail and stretched her large wings to prepare for flight. This was the time she was able to fly without being seen by animals of prey. She was glad the only thing visibly bright about her were her eyes. One green and one light blue.

Starting off in a walk and into a full run, she gave her wings a couple of flaps before locking her haunches and taking off with powerful strokes. Gaining more altitude so she could see more of the territory. Finally spotting a brave rabbit emerging from its den, she flew above it for a little bit, taunting it slightly before she folded her wings, dive bombing for the animal.

'Almost..' She thought, flattening her body more in a straight line to gain more speed. However, a few feet away from catching it, a blue of white and black snatched the rabbit before she could.

Flapping her wings in startlement and to prevent a complete faceplant into the ground, she landed safely before spotting the other creature eating her prey.

'of course it'd be another wolf..' she thought, growling and pouting, stomping over angrily to the stranger.

"You ass, who do you think you are? That was my rabbit you stole you fleabag!" She snarled, baring her teeth.

Looking up from the rabbit, the large wolf grinned before licking the sides of his mouth free from the rabbit's blood.

"Sorry. You were too slow." He taunted, flicking his tail against the ground.

Still growling, she got face to face with him, looking into his black eyes with her multicolored ones.

"Listen here you twat faced mutt. I could take you out here and now if I wanted to."

"I'd love to see you try princess. You couldn't hurt an elk if you tried."

".... call me that again and I swear you won't have children for the rest of your life."

"Please, your all talk no bite... princess."

"That's it!"

At that, the female lunged for him, placing her front paws on his chest and using her wings as a boost to knock him down to the ground in a pinning position still baring her teeth.

"Well someone has a little anger management, don't you?" He said, unphased by her movement.

"Why you.."

She hadn't had the time to say anything more before hse was practically thrown off him and pinned on her own back.


"Like I said.. all bark no bite." He taunted again, grabbing the small scarf she had around her neck.

With that movement, she flipped. Biting his ear and used her hind legs to kick him where it hurts.

With a whimper from him and her scarf free from his jaws, she let out a small 'tch' as she walked over to him, and lowered her head down to his.

"Who's all talk and no bite now you ass.." She growled, turning tail and took flight once again, leaving the male in pain yet curious to who she was.

-Time skip Very Happy-

Weeks had gone by since the encounter with the strange male wolf, and yet she couldn't get him off her mind. Not because she fell for him, oh no. But because he was interesting in his own way she supposed. No one has ever really stood up to her before, so she thought that may be the reason why she kept thinking about that twit.

Laying under one of the large trees for shade from the blistering heat, something, or someone in this case, fell from the branches. Slightly startled, she looked around the base and saw none other than the male from a few weeks ago.

"Oh god not you.."

"Hey princess! Long time no see!"

"I told you not to call me that.. or would you liked to be kicked again?"

"N-no thanks.."

"Thought so.."

With those few aggressive words exchanged, a very long silence fell upon the two until he spoke out again.



"Orinasu. It's my name. But you can call me Ori for short."

"Hmph.. pleasure to meet you I guess Ori.. Im Astraia.. or just Ast for short.."

"Pleasure to meet your acquaintence Ast."


Although Astraia really didn't like Orinasu, she figured he could at least be companionship for travels.. and that he was..

-Timeskip cause i'm lazy as balls..-

After a few months of being travel companions, Astraia and Orinasu had gotten closer. In more ways than one..

On their travels, they had both gotten feelings for one another, but with Ori's constant flirting with other females and Astraia's pride, they didn't know if the other fell for them.

Back to the present, they were hunting an elk herd as a daily exercise thing and for food. Ast taking the sides while Ori took the back and herding out the weakest one. However, everything backfired when the elks gathered the weakest and youngest ones in the middle of a circle. Ast was already going for the youngest and too fast to stop before running head first into one of the elks and pretty much took a beating from there.

Ori, seeing what was happening, abandoned his post and took out the elks that had been attacking and watched as the rest fled the scene.

Groaning, Astraia tried to make her way to her paws, but only fell down onto her wing. Hissing in pain as she moved it out from under her only to see it torn in multiple places.

"Dammit.. why me.." She groaned lowly, struggling back to her paws only to fall once more. She sighed in defeat of not being able to move much and expected the worst to come from Ori. Yet, it was the complete opposite of what she expected.

"Why are you still here Ori? I'm pretty much useless now. You can go on ahead.. I'll just.. stay here I guess.."

"Nope. Not a chance. You're still coming with me. We're travel buddies, remember?"

"I can't walk Ori. And flying is out of the question too. You can still find better travel companions, i'm sure there are others who can accompany you." She replied back, averting her gaze to somewhere besides him.

"Then I guess i'll be carrying you huh? Nothing you say will make me change my mind Ast, good effort though."

With that, he effortlessly picked her up and began to make their way to shelter in silence.

-Last timeskip maybe..-

Finally finding an unoccupied shelter, Ori lied Ast down on the ground lightly, making sure to not cause any more hurt to her injuries.

"Why.." She said lightly.

"why what?"

"Why still take me with you.. All I do is make fun of you and make stupid comments.."

"But I like your stupid comments. They make me laugh sometimes. Besides, your the only company I like." He said, grinning lightly as he layed down next to her.

Feeling heat rise to her face to looked elsewhere to think of something else interesting to talk about.

"So, uhm.. anything ne-" As she was about to say something, Ast was cut off by a paw under her muzzle and his lips on her own. She didn't not like it, but she was too shocked to really do anything else.

Pulling away, Orinasu laughed slightly, watching her expressions go from one of confusion, shock and to realization as she buried her face in her paws.

"Y-you can't just do things like that Ori! It messes with a girls emotions and stuff!" She said, flustered.

"I know. But I felt like doing that." He started, taking a few breaths in before continuing. "I've like you for a while now Ast.. I really have.." He said, moving a paw under her chin to make her face him his black eyes looking into her blue/green ones.

"B-but what about the other girls you always flirt with? I-I mean i'm not jealous or anything.." She said, averting her gaze to the cave walls.

"Only to get you jealous love. It's funny watching you get mad and glaring at them because I talked to them."

Blushing more, Ast quickly replied,

"I'm not jealous.. Jealous is wanting something that isn't yours.. I'm territorial of things that are mine.. that's all.." She said.

"Who said I was yours now?" He chuckled lowly, scooting closer to her, yet also trying not to cause anymore pain.

"The way you were acting just now pretty much states that you are mine.. Unless you are already mates with one of the other females and I just didn't know about it."

Laughing, Ori placed his head on top of Astraia's as she layed down for a small nap.

"Of course not.. You're the only one for me love.. Now at least try to sleep so I can take care of those injuries later on."

"Yeah yeah whatever.. I was gonna do that anyway.."

"Night princess.."

"Night.. you twit."

END Very Happy

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